The club exists to support children in all aspects of Judo.  Judo can be enjoyed fully without ever attending a competition but for those children interested in competition the club aims to provide support and encouragement.

You’ll find information about forthcoming events here and on the white board at training sessions.

In advance of the competition

Always ask one of the coaches before entering as not all competitions are appropriate for your child.

You do need to enter and entry information for competitions where the club will be attending can be found here and on the website of the organising club.

Make sure that you find out the registration and weigh-in time for your child’s weight and age category. Don’t be late, weigh-in times are fixed. Competitions run to tight timetables and delaying weigh-in times has in the past led to competitions being unable to finish. If you are late for the weigh-in then there is every chance that your child will not be allowed to compete.

If you think you are going to be late then please contact one of the coaches as soon as possible. There are sometimes a number of options and the coach is the best person to help you choose.

If you are struggling for transport, let us know as there is usually a spare seat somewhere. We try to car share whenever possible to cut down on costs as some of the competitions are quite far afield.

On the day of the event

When you attend a competition you will need to bring the following items with you :

  • License
  • Judo suit of the correct size (see coaches for details)
  • White short-sleeved T-shirt (girls only)

Get your child to weigh-in as soon as possible.

Once your child has weighed-in, come and find us. There is always a group of Cyde Judo Club competitors and parents at these events and we usually sit together. Don’t be afraid to ask any of the “veterans” about what’s going on.

Bring a packed lunch and water. There is often no catering at these events and when there is it is often expensive or there are long queues for service.

Your child might find their first competition quite intimidating but don’t worry as our club has developed a wonderful team spirit which sets us apart from other clubs. Our kids stick together and help each other. First time nerves are just that – first time nerves.