The 2019 Clyde Challenge Grand Prix was held at the Lagoon Centre in Paisley on 28/04/2019.

Before I list the results for the club’s judoka, we would like to thank as many  of the people who helped make the competition possible as we can – The club’s coaches, Judo Scotland, all of the volunteer referees and officials, Hibari Kan & Southside for lending us mats, all of the parents and children who volunteered at the competition, the staff at the Lagoon Centre and all of the parents,  players and coaches who came along today to make a great competition.

We could not have done it without you – Thank you everyone for your help.

The club’s results were:

  • Jessie Edwards – Pre-Cadet U44kg – Silver
  • Aaron Clark – Pre-Cadet U50kg – 5th
  • Chloe Speirs – Pre-Cadet U52kg – Bronze
  • Christopher Howe – Pre-Cadet U55kg – Gold
  • Fraser Clark – Pre-Cadet U66kg – Gold
  • Daniel Peden – Cadet U55kg – Gold
  • Joseph Peden – Cadet U55kg – 7th
  • Rebecca Bradley – Cadet U57kg – Gold
  • Matthew Sweeney – Cadet U66kg – 5th
  • Benedict MacLennan-Patton – Senior(2) U81kg – Bronze

Well done!