Japan 2010

Christopher Wright went to Japan to train in December 2010.

He says that once again this was a tremendous experience and the best thing he has ever done. He had the opportunity to watch the Tokyo Grand Slam the first couple of days he was there and watched Euan Burton win Bronze.

The training was at Tokai University, who had 4 gold medalists at the Tokyo Grand Slam this year.

He trained with the best in the world, and says it was the best experience but the hardest training he has done, with 7 minute hard practices where he got thrown about a fair bit.

He also trained at the Kodakan, the home of judo, which was a great experience.

Chris gives a heartfelt thank you to everyone in the club who stood and bag-packed in Morrisons in order for him to have this opportunity and hopefully in the future some of the older players in the club will have the same chance in the next couple of years.

We have a gallery of pictures taken by Chris here.