Awards for All grant awarded to Clyde Judo Club

As some of you already know, Clyde Judo Club has been awarded a grant by Awards for All Scotland to buy 104 Judo mats, two crash mats, a set of portable mats, a trolley for moving all these mats around and permanent first aid equipment.

This award will make a real difference to the club in a number of areas:

  • The replacement mats have come just in time as we had come to the point where we had to return the borrowed set that we were using. The number of new mats that we have will allow us better to support the numbers currently attending training sessions.
  • Portable mats will allow us to continue the club’s work with local schools and help introduce more into the sport of Judo.
  • Those of you who help move mats at the beginning and end of sessions will understand the merits of a trolley for moving mats (and that the new mats are a lot lighter than the ones that they replace).
  • Although we have been covered up until now, permanent first aid kit removes the dependency on the personal first aid kits of the coaches.

A number of people worked very hard on preparing the grant application and making sure that the club met all the prerequisites for a grant award – Thank you!

And thanks go to Awards for All Scotland.

You might like to drop them a small note of thanks at Awards for All Scotland! The grant makes a huge difference for the club and our kids.

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Here are some of the new mats:

A picture of Clyde Judo's new mats laid out in Bishopton Scout Hall
The new Judo mats


Trying to arrange a photograph of the club members on the new mats seemed like a good idea. Picking the Sunday of the October school holidays to take the photo wasn’t such a good idea but that’s the only photo I have!

A group of Clyde Judo Judok on the new mats holding Clyde Judo and Awards for all banners
Clyde Judo Club on the new mats