Just in case anyone missed Susie’s email about staying well and keeping up with your Judo during the current lockdown.

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is staying safe and coping with the isolation etc.

We have linked up with Destination Judo and are invited to all of their live and recorded  sessions, there are quizzes and challenges to keep you all occupied.

The Saturday morning Live sessions are the highlight of the week at 10am on Saturday mornings, well worth tuning in.

We have a few things in the pipeline to look forward to:

There will be a virtual grading in the next couple of weeks, this will be adapted you your surroundings and movements, bands and even mums and dads where appropriate can be used. Resources for this in the link below:

British Judo Mon/Kyu Grading posters:

Use youtube for research and there is no need to throw mum or dad (aww shame) as long as we can get in the right positions for the throws we will accept that. Remember if you’re stuck we’re here to help!

Sadly South Africa has been cancelled but there will still be an opportunity to train in Belgium in August. I’ve kept in touch with Gary and he is in contact with national coaches around the world.

Japanese Judoka are already back in training with all their dojos open, no visits allowed but their team is back in action.

The Belgian and Dutch are opening their sports centres and schools in May and their hostels in June/early July at the latest so very optimistic that the club Belgian trip will be going ahead.

A squad trip to Belgian camp planned for early September and the club/squad trip to the Poland competition and camp is planned for the end of September details for this will come out in June/July time. There will also be Tulliallan scheduled, and our own competition potentially on 11thOctober.

The squad players are benefiting from Aggie’s monster S&C sessions 3 times a week these are hard work I can tell you!! So well done to those who have not missed a session.

As we go further into this lockdown, it becomes clear that although these things are planned and in the pipeline, everything is subject to change and we will keep you up to date.

Until then stay safe and stay fit.


In addition to the links that Susie provided, can we point you to the BJA Grading Videos page which has videos showing all of the techniques – recommended!