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Month: September 2018

Highland Budokan Open 2018 – results

An excellent set of results to report from the Highland Budokan Open 2018 held today (22/09/2018) at Inverness Leisure Centre.

The whole team was firing on all cylinders and coaches are reported to be very pleased!

The results were:

  • Glen Ferrier – AA-band U27kg – Bronze
  • Andrew McWatt – A-band U34kg – Bronze
  • Aaron Clark – A-band U46kg – Bronze
  • Rachael Lamb – B-band U44kg – Gold
  • Chloe Speirs – B-band U52kg – Bronze
  • Christopher Howe – B-band U55kg – Gold
  • Matthew Sweeney – B-band U60kg – Silver
  • Fraser Clark – B-band U60kg – Gold
  • Rebecca Lamb – C-band U48kg – Gold
  • Daniel Peden – C-band U50kg – Silver
  • Joseph Peden – C-band U50kg – Bronze
  • Katelyn Cox – C-band U57kg – Gold
  • David Sommerville – C-band U73kg – Gold
  • Katelyn Cox – Senior U57kg – Gold
  • David Sommerville – Senior U73kg – Gold
  • Mosa Al-bedri – C-band Combined U81/90kg – Bronze
  • Benedict MacLennan-Patton – Senior U81kg – Silver
  • Mosa Al-bedri – Senior U81kg – Gold

I think I have managed to get all of the club results – apologies if I have missed anyone.

We also had some club members being assessed for their Club Referee award and I am pleased to report that the following individuals passed their practical assessment and are now qualified Club Referees:

  • Aaron Clark
  • Andrew MacWatt
  • Eamonn Patton

Well done to all of you!

Congratulations to Susie and Paul – 2018 Judo Scotland COV Awards winners

Congratulations to Susie and Paul – 2018 Judo Scotland Coaching, Officiating and Volunteer (COV) Awards winners.

  • Young Person’s Coach of the Year: Paul Grady (for Genki Judo Club)
  • Volunteer Award: Susan Wright

These are awards to recognise the hard work that coaches, officials and volunteers put into supporting Judo in Scotland. I think we would all agree that Susie and Paul do put an awful lot of hard work into supporting Judo in Scotland!

Paul and Susie will be automatically entered into the sportscotland COV awards – here’s hoping they do as well there.

The Midland Area Heart of England Open Judo Championships 2018 – Results

The Midland Area Heart of England Open Judo Championships 2018 was held at Walsall Campus, Walsall on Saturday 08/09/2018.

The club’s results were:

  • Andrew McWatt Pre-Cadet U34kg – Bronze
  • Rachael Lamb Pre-Cadet U44kg – Silver
  • Aaron Clarke Pre-Cadet U46kg – 5th
  • Christopher Howe Pre-Cadet U55kg – Silver
  • Connor Wilson Junior U66kg – Bronze

Good results in a big competition. Well done!

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