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Month: December 2016

2016 Clyde Judo Awards

I trust everyone has recovered from last night’s Christmas party!

The 2016 Clyde Judo Awards were held at the party.

Awards shield

This year, the awards were restricted to pre-Cadet and below.

That is not to suggest that Cadets are not worthy of recognition, it is more a reflection of the maturity of our Cadet cohort – we have seen great results and amazing amounts of hard work and skill from our globe-trotting Cadets this year.

The first, and most important award, was for Spirit of Judo and that went to Melissa McGill.

Melissa suffered a serious injury earlier this year that has kept her off the mat. Despite that, Melissa has continued to be involved in Judo by helping out at competitions and doing serious amounts of timekeeping. Melissa has shown by her example that Judo is more than just the mat and that attitude and commitment are important.

A young woman LHS being presented an award by one of the coaches.

Spirit of Judo: Melissa McGill. Presented by Paul Grady.

Player of the Year was a joint award to Katelyn Cox and David Sommerville.

Katelyn had an exceptional year – winning Gold in the British Schools Championship, Scottish National Championship and a Bronze at the British National Championship.

David’s list of medals from this year is so long that I’m not sure I’ve managed to get them all – with medals at the British National Championship, Scottish National Championship, Northern Ireland Open, North West Age Bands, Granite City Grand Prix, Clyde Grand Prix, Highland Budokan Grand Prix and Ultimate Open Grand Prix!

A young man and woman holding an award shield. Coach in the background.

Player of the Year: David Sommerville (LHS), Katelyn Cox (RHS). Presented by David Peden.

A-Band Player of the Year went to Fraser Clark for consistent results throughout the year; including winning a Judo Scotland Grand Prix prize.

A young man holding an award shield. His coach standing to the left of picture.

A-band Player of the Year: Fraser Clark (RHS). Presented by John Watt.

AA-Band Player of the Year went to Andrew McWatt for performance in competition, his cheerful and enthusiastic approach to his Judo and the quality of his technique.

A boy holding his award shield with his coach standing next to him on the left of the photo.

AA-band Player of the Year: Andrew McWatt. Presented by Susie Wright.

Under-8 Player of the Year went to Glen Ferrier. This was awarded to Glen for the way that he listens to instruction and then works hard in training to improve his Judo.

A Young boy holding his award shield with his coach standing beside him to the left of picture.

Under-8 Player of the Year: Glen Ferrier. Presented by Susie Wright.

Last, but by no means least, is Players’ Player of the Year. This is voted for by the the children and young adults and is a recognition by peers of great effort on behalf of the club and Judo.

This year the award went to Kyle Watt.

A boy holding his award shield with his coach standing next to him on the left of the photo.

Players Player of the Year: Kyle Watt. Presented by David Peden.

I mentioned the hard work of our Cadets and five of them earned their 1st Dan this year and came out to take a well-deserved bow:

Four young adults in a row.

2016 Clyde Judo Dan grades (L-R Rachel Towle, Connor Wilson, Christopher Love, Laura Hewitt. Not shown: Erin Peden)

In time-honoured award show fashion, Erin Peden also earned her Dan grade but couldn’t be with us this evening.

A small presentation was given to the coaches to thank them for their efforts on behalf of the children. As some coaches had to be coaxed from the audience, Alan Clark worked the crowd – encouraging them to call out the name of the shy coaches until the coach was embarrassed out in front of the audience:

A man with a microphone interacting with a seated crowd.

Alan Clark works the crowd.

However, it seems that one of the coaches didn’t get the memo about “smart casual”:

Christopher Wright

Christopher Wright

Awards not withstanding, some of the crowd were more interested in the visit from the gentleman wearing the distinctive red gi:

Santa arrives

Santa arrives

This year the parents’ committee sent a letter to Santa asking that he deliver a  Clyde Judo water bottle as a Christmas present:

Clyde Judo water bottle

Clyde Judo water bottle

The highlight of Santa’s evening was when he got a chance to have his photo taken with Team Laura. A rare honour indeed for Santa.

Santa with Team Laura

Santa with Team Laura

Click on the photos if you want to see a higher resolution copy in another tab.

2016 British Junior Championships – results

The 2016 British Junior Championships were held in Sheffield on Saturday 10/12/2016.

The club results were:

Rachel Towle – Junior U48kg – Bronze

Well done Rachel! A great result in a very serious competition.

And in other news – Rachel has been selected for the British Junior Squad. A very considerable achievement!

Session time at Park Mains on Tuesday 13th December 2016

Just a reminder that the session time at Park Mains on Tuesday 13th December 2016 will be 1900-2100 for everyone – small, middle or large.


2016 British Championship for Cadets and Pre-Cadets – results

The 2016 British Championship for Cadets and Pre-Cadets was held at EIS Sheffield over the 3rd and 4th December 2016.

The club’s results were:

  • Joseph Peden – Pre-Cadet U38kg – 5th
  • David Sommerville – Pre-Cadet U55kg – Bronze
  • Katelyn Cox – Pre-Cadet U52kg – Bronze
  • Connor Wilson – Cadet U60kg – 5th
  • Christopher Love – Cadet U66kg – Silver
  • Louis Saez – Cadet U90kg – Gold

Great results and fantastic performances all round – well done!


The full results can be found on the Judo Technologies web site.

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