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Month: November 2014

Strathkelvin AA & A Band Open

Better late that never!

Some results from August – apologies for the delay in reporting these.

The Strathkelvin AA & A Band Open was held on Sunday 31/08/2014 at St Maurices High School, Westfield, Cumbernauld, G68 9AG.

The children were in fine form and brought home a large number of medals. Well done!

  • AA Pool 1 Rachael Lamb – Silver
  • AA Pool 1 Erin Lundie – Bronze
  • AA Pool 2 Cerys Bradley – Bronze
  • AA Pool 3 Aaron Clark – Silver
  • AA Pool 4 Calum Robertson – Gold
  • AA Pool 5 Jack Smith – Gold
  • AA Pool 6 Fraser Clark – Bronze
  • AA Pool 7 Adam Lundie – Bronze
  • A Pool 8 Rebecca Lamb – Gold
  • A Pool 8 Caitlin Learmont – Silver
  • A Pool 9 Ursula Saez – Bronze
  • A Pool 9 Heather Wilson – Bronze
  • A Pool 11 Owen Sutherland – Gold
  • A Pool 14 Cameron Kerr – Silver

Training session times over the Christmas 2014 holidays

As even coaches are allowed time off for the holidays, there will be some changes to session times over the Christmas 2014 holidays:

  • Tuesday 16/12/2014 – Last session at Erskine before Christmas.
  • Friday 19/12/2014 – Last session at Bishopton before Christmas.
  • Sunday 21/12/2014 – No judo.
  • Tuesday 23/12/2014 – No judo.
  • Friday 26/12/2014 – No judo
  • Sunday 28/12/2014 – No judo.
  • Tuesday 30/12/2014 – No judo.
  • Friday 02/01/2015 – No judo.
  • Sunday 04/01/2014 – No judo
  • Tuesday 06/01/2014 -No judo.
  • Friday 09/01/2014 – First Bishopton session of the New Year – normal session times thereafter.
  • Tuesday 13/01/2014 – First Erskine session of the New Year – normal session times thereafter.

Inverclyde Challenge 2014 – results

The Inverclyde Challenge 2014 competition was held at Greenock Sports Centre, Nelson Street, Greenock, PA15 1QH on Sunday 16th November 2014.

It was a good opportunity for the younger (with apologies to those A-bands just about to enter B-band) judoka to experience competition in a smaller setting.

The results were:

Boys AA-band Pool 2

  • Aaron Clark Bronze

Boys AA-band Pool 3

  • Callum Robertson Gold

Boys AA-band Pool 4

  • Fraser Clark Gold

Girls AA-band Pool 2

  • Rachael Lamb Gold
  • Erin Lundie Bronze

Girls AA-band Pool 4

  • Cerys Bradley Bronze

A-band U30/34kg

  • Owen Sutherland Gold

A-band U42/U46kg

  • David Sommerville Gold
  • Alex Quinn Silver

A-band O50kg

  • Cameron Kerr Silver

A-band U36kg

  • Rebecca Lamb Gold

A-band U40/44kg

  • Ursula Saez Silver

The full Inverclyde Challenge 2014 results are here.

Thanks to Wemyss Bay Judo Club for staging a nice competition so close to home.

No Judo at Bishopton on Sunday 16th November 2014

There will be no Judo at Bishopton on Sunday 16th November 2014 owing to the number of players and coaches attending the Inverclyde Challenge.


Clyde Judo Club Grand Prix winners

The extended 2013-2014 Grand Prix season finished last weekend with the Scottish National Closed Age-band competition and we had several winners:

  • Daniel Peden A-band U30kg

  • Rebecca Lamb A-band U32kg

  • Ursula Saez A-band U44kg

  • Connor Wilson B-band U50kg

  • Louis Saez B-band U66kg

Extra big font because these results are worth shouting about. The Grand Prix prize shows consistent endeavour over a long period and the children and young adults have worked very hard to earn these awards. Well done!

Scottish National Closed Age-band results

The Scottish National Closed Age-band competitions were held on 8th & 9th November 2014 at Ravenscraig Regional Sports Centre.

There were no medals won in the AA-band but some great performances from Rachael Lamb, Aaron Clark and Fraser Clark – Well done!


  • Joseph Peden U30kg – Gold
  • Daniel Peden U30kg – Silver
  • Owen Sutherland U30kg – 5th
  • Kyle Watt U34kg – Bronze
  • Rebecca Lamb U32kg – Gold
  • Ursula Saez U44kg – Silver
  • David Sommerville U46kg – 5th

Cameron Kerr wasn’t placed but produced a great performance in U46kg despite a height disadvantage.

Pre-Cadet (B-band)

  • Connor Wilson U50kg – Gold
  • Chris Love U55kg – Silver
  • Louis Saez U66kg – Silver
  • Benedict MacLennan-Patton O66kg – Silver
  • Ezri Bradley U44kg – 5th
  • Melissa McGill U52kg – Silver


Cadet (C-band)

  • Rachel Towle U44kg – Silver
  • Erin Peden U48kg – Silver
  • Laura Hewitt U52kg – Bronze
  • Marcus Ray U73kg – 5th


  • Rachel Towle U44kg – Gold
  • Erin Peden U48kg – Silver
  • Laura Hewitt U52kg – Silver
  • Michael Love U90kg – Gold

No Judo at Bishopton on Sunday 9th November 2014

Please note that there will be no Judo at Bishopton on Sunday 9th November owing to the coaches being away at the Scottish National Closed Age-band competition.

Normal service will be resumed on Tuesday at Erskine.

2014 Scottish National Closed Championships – entry list has been published – Check your entry!

Most of you who have entered should have received an email from Judo Scotland regarding your entry into the 2014 Scottish National Closed Pre-cadet Cadet and Junior Championships.

Just in case you didin’t receive the email (possibly indicating a problem with your entry), you can check the entry lists on this page. If you did receive the email then you should have checked your entry already!

If there is a problem with your entry then it is imperative that you contact Judo Scotland as soon as possible about your entry.

2014 Welsh Open results

A few of the older judoka travelled to Wales for the 2014 Welsh Open at the Sports Wales National Centre in Cardiff. The competition was held on 1-2 November 2014.

The results were:

  • Rachel Towle¬† Cadet U40kg – Gold
  • Erin Peden Cadet U48kg – Silver
  • Laura Hewitt Cadet U52kg – Bronze

Not content with that, the team entered the Junior competition as well. The results there were:

  • Rachel Towle Junior U44kg – Bronze
  • Erin Peden Junior U48kg – Bronze

Excellent results in a major competition.

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