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Some 2014 Commonwealth Games photos from Susie

Susie has sent in some of her photographs from the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

First is a great photo of Susie with Sarah Clark and that lovely Gold medal:

Two women standing together holding a gold medal

Susan Wright with Sarah Clark and her Gold medal

All of the Technical Officials dressed in their finest:

Assembled team of Judo officials in an arc on the mat.

2014 Commonwealth Games Judo Technical Officials

Susie with Alison Williams:

Two officials standing on the Judo mat with the large Commonwealth Games symbol in front of them

Susie and Alison Williams on the 2014 Commonwealth Games Judo mat

And finally, a very rare item this one – a Ian Towle caught in a domestic pose:

Man at the side of the mat holding up a brush and pan

2014 Commonwealth Games – IanTowle

2014 Commonwealth Games Judo

Well that’s the 2014 Commonwealth Games Judo competition over and the home nations performed exceptionally well – taking all bar one of the golds.

The final gold medal tally was:

Country Gold Silver Bronze
England 6 4 3
Scotland 6 2 5
South Africa 1 1 2
Wales 1 0 1

The full competition results can be found on this Commonwealth Games page.

We got to see some great Judo and many people volunteered worked hard to make that happen and I recognised many familiar faces from the Scottish Judo scene working away in the SECC. Our thanks go to them all but I’ll take a moment to record the people from Clyde Judo that worked as specialist volunteers in the Judo Team at the games:

  • Brian Bradley
  • Eleanor MacLennan-Patton
  • Dominic Ray
  • Ian Towle

Susie was also at the competition as a Technical Official working in time keeping, scoring and Judoka control.


Reminder – No training at Bishopton this evening

Just a reminder that owing to the numbers volunteering or attending the Commonwealth Games Judo competition there will be no training at Bishopton this evening (25/07/2014).


Judo Scotland Commonwealth Games Competition results

It seems that the Wilson family is on a bit of a roll this week – with Connor Wilson carrying the Commonwealth Baton and now Heather Wilson has won tickets in Judo Scotland’s Games ticket competition.

Heather’s winning entry was,

“The best thing about my judo club is learning new things, meeting new friends and having fun.”

Heather wins 4 tickets for the competition on Friday 25th July 2014.


Connor Wilson and the Commonwealth Baton Relay

As Mark mentioned on Wednesday, our very own Connor Wilson was carrying the Commonwealth Baton through Bishopton on Thursday 17th July 2014.

Susie has generously sent in a photo of Connor and family with the Baton.

Well done Connor – you’ve worked hard to earn the honour.

Connor Wilson sanding with his family and holding the Commonwealth Baton.

Connor Wilson & Family with the Baton

Commonwealth Baton Relay

Our very own Connor Wilson will be carrying the Commonwealth Baton in Bishopton on Thursday 17th July 2014.

He Will start at Noon from the phone box accross from the community centre (next to the chemist and pedestrian crossing),  he will then head up Kingston Rd.

If you are free please come along and cheer him on.

Be Proud

A note of encouragement to the Scottish Commonwealth Judo Team


Be Proud

When standing at the side of the mat,
And all you can hear is the beat of your heart,
The roar of the crowd,
And the cheer of your name,
Stand tall be proud,
You have made it there.

You’ve made it through hard times,
When training was tough,
when things were so bad you’d had enough,
but you’ve stayed strong ,
And worked really hard,
And thoroughly deserve,
to be where you are.

So when the crowd roars and cheers your name,
Stand tall be proud,
You made it there.

Written by Rebecca Lamb
Clyde Judo Club
Age 12

Wish them luck!

We have received the following message from Judo Scotland – Another opportunity for younger (or young at heart) judoka to help the Scottish Judo team at the Commonwealth Games.

Dear clubs,

With just under two weeks to go until our team takes to the mat we would like to give them one final bit of encouragement.

We are asking for you the clubs to send in messages of good luck and encouragement for the team in the form of cards, banners, clubs photos and any paintings or pictures your kids want to draw for them.

We will then take all of your good luck messages and decorate their athletes village with them.

We feel that with all of you backing the the team and letting them know how much you want them to win they will have the edge over their competition.

Please post all submissions to the JudoScotland offices at:

Judo Scotland
EICA Ratho
EH28 8AA

Or email them to

Come on Team Scotland!!

Kind regards,
David Millar
JudoScotland Regional Development Officer (West)

So get cracking – Judo Scotland really needs to get any entries by the end of this week.

Email them to as soon as you can.

If you copy anything you send to Susie then we’ll post them on the club web site as well.

Get cracking! It doesn’t have to be a drawing or picture – a simple message of good luck and encouragement will do.

The Clark brothers have been busy already so we have our first couple of messages of support to Team Scotland:

Wish Them Luck! message from Fraser Clark - A drawing showing a blue suited judoka throwing a white suited judoka

Wish Them Luck! message from Fraser Clark


Wish Them Luck! message from Aaron Clark - A drawing showing a blue suited judoka

Wish Them Luck! message from Aaron Clark

2014 Commonwealth Games links

The 2014 Commonwealth Games Judo competition is getting close – It runs 24-26 July 2014 in the SECC Precinct.

The Team Scotland Judo team is listed here – click on the names to see the players’ biographies and learn interesting facts like Euan Burton and Chris Sherrington’s favourite superheroes. No prizes for guessing that Chris Sherrington lists The Hulk as his favourite!

You can download the official Games Judo poster here.

Latest pictures of all the action will be here once the games start.

Remember that transport is going to be very congested during the games so it is important to plan your journey. The 2014 Games travel page is here.

And don’t forget – your games ticket is valid for local public transport to and from the venue (in and around Glasgow) on the day of the ticket. Full details on this page on how to use your ticket on public transport within the Games Zone

A date for your diary – Strathkelvin AA & A Band Open 2014

A date for the younger members of the club!

The Strathkelvin AA & A Band Open 2014 will be held on Sunday 31 August 2014 at St. Maurices High School, Westfield, Cumbernauld G68 9AG.

The competition is open to children born 2002-2006 inclusive (who are at least 8 years old on the day).

The closing date for entries is 25 August 2014 but as the maximum entry is only 150, I recommend entering sooner rather than later.

The competition page and entry form on the Judo Scotland website is here.

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