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Month: June 2014

Training sessions over the 2014 Summer period.

With effect from 25/06/2014, training sessions over the 2014 Summer period will be as follows:

  • Friday Bishopton 1800-2000
  • Tuesday Erskine 1900-2100
  • Sunday Bishopton No training sessions

Please note that there will be no training at Bishopton on the following date:

  • Friday 25 July 2014

Sunday training sessions at Bishopton will resume on 17 August 2014.



2014 Venray International Judo Tournament results

The results for the 2014 Venray International Judo Competition are now available.

The Clyde Judo results were as follows:

  • Rachael Lamb – U10 U28kg Gold
  • Rebecca Lamb – U15 U32kg Bronze
  • Connor Wilson – U15 U50kg Bronze
  • Erin Peden – U17 U44kg Gold
  • Rachel Towle – U17 U40kg Bronze

These are excellent results against some serious opposition. Very well done to all of you.

Susie sent some photos (click on the photos for the full size image):

Rachael hold up her medal

Rachael Lamb U10 U28kg Gold


Four boys on the medal podium

Connor Wilson (3rd from left) U15 U50kg Bronze

Erin standing alone on the winner's podium

Erin Peden U17 U44kg Gold


Rachel and Erin standing together showing their medals

Rachel Towle (U17 U40kg Bronze) and Erin Peden (U17 U44kg Gold)


Connor standing showing his medal

Connor Wilson (U15 U50kg Bronze)




The Lamb sisters together with their medals

Rebecca and Rachael Lamb (U15 U32kg Bronze & U10 U28kg Gold)


Four women on the medalist's podium - Rachel on the right

Rachel Towle (U17 U40kg Bronze – RHS)

2014 BUPA Charity Open Grand Prix Clyde Judo results

The BUPA Charity Open Grand Prix event was held at Ravenscraig Sports Facility on 7-8th June 2014.

The Clyde results are given below.

Junior competition (Full results):

  • Rachael Lamb – AA-band U28kg – Silver
  • Joseph Peden – A-band U27kg – Gold
  • Daniel Peden – A-band U30kg – Gold
  • Kyle Watt – A-band U34kg – Bronze
  • David Sommerville – A-band U46kg – Bronze
  • Rebecca Lamb – A-band U32kg – Bronze
  • Ursula Saez – A-band U44kg – Bronze
  • Connor Wilson – B-band U50kg – Gold
  • Christopher Love – B-band U55kg – Bronze
  • Benedict Ray – B-band U66kg – Gold
  • Louis Saez – B-band U66kg – Silver
  • Ezri Bradley – B-band U40kg – Bronze
  • Melissa McGill – B-band U57kg – Bronze

Senior competition (Full results):

  • Michael Love – U81kg – Gold

Disability competition (Full results):

  • Andrew Smith – Senior men group two – Gold

Excellent results!

2014 Clyde Challenge podium photographs

Almost complete set of podium photographs from the 2014 Clyde Challenge held at ON-X Linwood on Sunday 4th May 2014.

A couple of photographs were unusable so apologies if your podium photograph hasn’t been used.


Podium pictures from the 2014 Clyde Challenge


Podium pictures from the 2014 Clyde Challenge


Podium pictures from the 2014 Clyde Challenge

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