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Month: February 2014

Friday night training – temporary arrangements

Unfortunately, the scouts have hired out the Bishopton Scout Hall for the next 3 Fridays so we are unable to use it.

We are aware that there are a number of people who only attend on this day each week so we are taking this opportunity to carry on with our occasional programme of club meets.

Susie has arranged for our club to go to the Southside Judo Club this Friday (28/02/2014) and the next two (07/03/2014 & 14/03/2014) for a visit.

Stevie and Chris will be going along this Friday and they are happy to take anyone who needs a lift.

The arrangements for all of the Fridays are:

Under 8s

Meet/pick-up at Bishopton Scout Hall: 5.30pm

Class: 6pm to 7pm

Over 8s

Meet/pick-up at Bishopton Scout Hall: 6.00pm

Class: 7pm to 8pm

We imagine that most of you will be able to make your own way to the class but you can still meet at Bishopton Scout Hall at the indicated times and follow Stevie or Chris in your cars.

For those who want to travel to Southside Judo Club directly, the address is:

Pirie Park Primary School
337 Langlands Road
Glasgow G51 4AW

Club meets are very valuable for the children in exposing them to different coaching and Judo styles – they are also good fun and an opportunity to other judoka. We hope you can come along for the next few Fridays and enjoy the hospitality of Southside Judo Club.

British Universities and Colleges Sport National Judo Championships – results

Michael Love took part in the BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) National Judo Championships in Sheffield on 22-23 February.

The event consists of three competitions over the two days, the first being the individual competitions, the second being the Universities event – and finally the Regional event.

Michael managed to take a 5th place in the individual competition (U81kg)  in a very large category, competed for Strathclyde University in the Universities event and was part of the 10-man Scotland team (fighting U90kg in the latter two events) who took gold in the Regional event.


Kendal Open Coloured Belt Competition – results

A number of folk were down in Kendal for the Kendal Open Coloured Belt Competition on Sunday 23rd February 2014.

This competition is aimed at the less experienced and uses more informal age/weight groupings.

  • U10 Fraser Clark – Gold
  • U10 Rachael Lamb – Silver
  • U12 David Sommorville – Gold
  • U12 Rebecca Lamb – Gold
  • U12 Ross Coyle – Bronze
  • U14 Melissa McGill – Gold
  • U14 Ezri Bradley – Gold
  • U16 Aiden McArdle – Gold
  • Senior Aiden McArdle – Silver

Well done to all of you (especially Aiden, who managed to pick up medals in two separate categories!)


2014 North West Age Band Championship results

The 2014 North West Age Band Championship was held at Sutton Leisure Centre on 15th/16th February 2014.

The Clyde Judo results were:

  • Michael Love – Junior U81kg Silver
  • Rachel Towle – Cadet U40kg Bronze
  • Erin Peden – Cadet U44kg Bronze
  • Louis Saez – Pre-Cadet U66kg Silver
  • Benedict MacLennan-Patton – Pre-Cadet U66kg Bronze
  • Connor Wilson – Pre-Cadet U50kg 5th
  • Christopher Love – Pre-Cadet U50kg 5th

Well done to all of you.

Clyde Challenge 2014 competition announcement

We are pleased to announce that the Clyde Challenge 2014 will be held on Sunday 4th May 2014.

The competition will be held at the ON-X Linwood Sports and Community Centre, Brediland Road Linwood Scotland PA3 3RA.

The venue has held a number of Judo competitions and understands how to help us run a great competition.

Online entry is available here and good old paper entry forms can be printed from here.

As a club, we have always believed that the introduction to competition should be gradual and the Clyde Challenge is intended for less experienced judoka of all ages and will be grade limited for each age band. Current national Age-band medal holders and members of the Judo Scotland Transition or Performance squads (or equivalent) are not eligible to enter.

We look forward to welcoming you at the competition!

The full details are on the dedicated Clyde Challenge 2014 page.

Ultimate Open Grand Prix Judo Competition – results

The Ultimate Open Grand Prix Judo Competition was held at Meadowbank on Sunday 9th February 2014.

The club results were:

  • Rachael Lamb – AA U28kg Gold
  • Joseph Peden – A U27kg Gold
  • Daniel Peden – A U27kg Silver
  • Kyle Watt – A U34kg Silver
  • Ezri Bradley (also of WBJC) – B U40kg Bronze
  • Connor Wilson – B U50kg Silver
  • Melissa McGill – B U52kg Bronze
  • Louis Saez – B U66kg Gold
  • Benedict MacLennan-Patton B U66kg Bronze
  • David Scott – B U66kg Bronze
  • Marcus Ray – C U73kg Bronze
  • Christopher Wright – Senior U73kg Silver
  • Michael Love – Senior U81kg Gold

Excellent results from all of you.

I should also note the contribution that Clyde Judo Club members made to the running of the competition:

  • Susan Wright – Competition controller
  • Marcus Ray – Referee
  • Dominic Ray, Eleanor MacLennan-Patton, Rachael Peden, Erin Peden, Rachel Towle – Table officials


Latest grading results

We are pleased to record the results of the recent gradings.

The children and adults all worked very hard and earned their gradings.

It takes a lot of effort and practice to complete the gradings.

So, well done all of you!

Kai Grades

Judoka Grade
Aaron Clark 3rd Kai
Kyle Robertson 5th Kai

Mon Grades

Judoka Grade
Calum Robertson 2nd Mon
Ruairdh Ferguson 2nd Mon
Fraser Clark 3rd Mon
Rachael Lamb 4th Mon
Dillon Wilson 5th Mon
David Sommerville 5th Mon
Andrew Rattray 5th Mon
Heather Wilson 6th Mon
Ursula Saez 6th Mon
Melissa McGill 8th Mon
David Scott 8th Mon
Rachel Melvin 9th Mon
Rachael Peden 10th Mon
Benedict MacLennan-Patton 11th Mon
Aiden McArdle 11th Mon
Kathryn Meenan 12th Mon
Benedict Ray 12th Mon
Louis Saez 12th Mon
Rachel Towle 13th Mon
Connor Wilson 13th Mon
Christopher Love 14th Mon
Erin Peden 14th Mon
Marcus Ray 15th Mon


Kyu Grades

Judoka Grade
Laura Green 4th kyu

Bishopton Training on Sunday 9th February 2014 cancelled

Owing to the numbers attending the Ultimate Open Grand Prix Judo Competition in Edinburgh, training at Bishopton on Sunday 9th February 2014 has been cancelled.

Midland Area Age Band (21 years) Judo Championships – results

The Midland Area Age Band (21 years) Judo Championships were held on Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd February 2014 at Walsall.

Several Clyde Judo Judoka were competing and the results were:

  • Michael Love – Junior U81kg – Gold
  • Rachel Towle – Cadet U40kg – Bronze
  • Erin Peden – Cadet U44kg – Bronze
  • Melissa McGill – Pre-Cadet U48kg – 5th
  • Connor Wilson – Pre-Cadet U50kg – Bronze
  • Christopher Love – Pre-Cadet U50kg – 5th
  • Louis Saez – Pre-Cadet U66kg – Bronze
  • David Scott – Pre-Cadet U66kg – 5th
  • Rebecca Lamb – A-band U32kg – 5th

Excellent results in an extremely tough competition – well done to all of you!




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