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Month: May 2013

Latest grading results

We are pleased to record the results of the recent gradings.

The children (and some adults!) all worked very hard and earned their gradings.

It takes a lot of effort and practice to complete the gradings.

So, well done all of you!

Kai Grades

Judoka Grade
Aaron Clark 1st Kai
Kiera Gowdy 1st Kai
Morven Goutcher 1st Kai
Zander O’Donnell 1st Kai
Kyle Robertson 4th Kai
Rachael Lamb 5th Kai

Mon Grades

Judoka Grade
Paul Brown 1st Mon
Fraser Clark 1st Mon
Callum Robertson 1st Mon
Dillon Wilson 3rd Mon
Cara Goutcher 4th Mon
Christian Galvin 4th Mon
Daniel Melvin 4th Mon
Hollie Murray 4th Mon
Andrew Rattray 4th Mon
Greg Crosby 5th Mon
Rebecca Lamb 5th Mon
Daniel Peden 5th Mon
Joseph Peden 5th Mon
David Scott 5th Mon
Kyle Watt 5th Mon
Ursula Saez 5th Mon
Heather Wilson 5th Mon
Melissa McGill 7th Mon
Rachel Melvin 8th Mon
Shauna Watt 8th Mon
Rachael Peden 9th Mon
Benedict MacLennan-Patton 10th Mon
Aiden McArdle 10th Mon
Laura Green 11th Mon
Kathryn Meenan 11th Mon
Benedict Ray 11th Mon
Louis Saez 11th Mon
Rachel Towle 12th Mon
Connor Wilson 12th Mon
Marcus Ray 14th Mon
Keiran Meenan 18th Mon


Kyu Grades

Judoka Grade
Kenny Lamb 6th kyu

Generous donation from Virgin Media

The club has received a generous donation from Virgin Media of 50 kit bags for use by the children.

And here is the Tuesday evening squad showing off the new kit bags:

35 children (6-16) in Judo kit holding up the Virgin Media kit bags

Tuesday evening Squad with the new kitbags

Virgin Media are to be commended for the support that they are giving to local community groups and we very grateful to be one of the recipients of that support.


May 2013 Grading Sessions

A grading will take place in the club on the following dates:

  • Friday 17th May 2013
  • Sunday 19th May 2013
  • Tuesday 21st May 2013

Anyone wishing to be graded should bring their license and the £10 grading fee on one of the above dates.

Please can you complete the tear-off slip in the form below and let us know which of the dates you would be interested in?

Scottish Mini Mon 2013 Championship Results

The Scottish Mini Mon Championship 2013 Championships were held at  Ravenscraig, Regional Sports Facility on Saturday 11th May 2013.

The Clyde Judo results were:

  • Daniel Peden AA-band U25kg – Gold
  • Joseph Peden AA-band U25kg – Silver
  • Ursula Saez AA-band U44kg – Bronze
  • Rebecca Lamb A-band U28kg – Gold
  • Ezri Bradley (also WBJC) A-band U36kg – Silver
  • Melissa McGill A-band U48kg – Gold
  • David Scott A-band O50kg – Gold

Well done to all of you!

(Updated to add Melissa McGill’s result and correct Ursula Saez and David Scott’s weight category.)

Clyde Challenge 2013 – Clyde Judo Club results

The Clyde Challenge 2013 was held yesterday and despite the holiday and a number of ineligible players, we had a good turn-out from the club.

The results were:

AA-band (organised in pools)

  • Christian Galvin – Bronze
  • Hollie Murray – Silver
  • Calum Robertson – Bronze
  • Ursula Saez – Bronze
  • Dillon Wilson – Gold


  • Rebecca Lamb – U32kg Bronze
  • Melissa McGill – U48kg Bronze
  • David Scott – O50kg Silver
  • Kyle Watt – U30kg Bronze


  • Benedict MacLennan-Patton – U60kg Silver
  • Louis Saez – U66kg Bronze
  • Connor Wilson – U42kg Gold


  • Laura Green – O57kg Gold
  • Shauna Watt – U57kg Bronze
  • Aiden McArdle – O66kg Bronze


  • Michael Gormon (also of Pro Judo) – U66kg Gold

As ever (which does not make it less true), well-done to all of the club’s judoka – you were a credit to yourselves, your parents and the club.

We should also thank the coaches, parents, volunteers, referees and officials who helped make it a great day.

Special thanks are also due to the staff at the  ON-X Leisure Centre (as Linwood Sports Centre is now known) for their helpfulness and flexibility.

Clyde Challenge Weigh-in Times

Weigh-in times for the Clyde Challenge are as follows:

  • AA-band check in from 08.45-09.15. Competition starts 09.30
  • A-band weigh in 10.30-11.00
  • B-, C-band and Senior weigh-in 12.00-12.45

The competition is being held in the new Sports Centre – It now has a fine new swimming pool for those who might like a swim after the competition. Details here:  Linwood Sports Centre Swimming

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