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Month: June 2012

Reminder – No Judo training on Sunday 1st July 2012

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the start of the Summer training timetable.

There will no Judo tomorrow (Sunday 1st July 2012) and no Sunday training sessions until Sunday 26th August 2012.

Full details of the Summer timetable can be found here.

Session times and places over the Summer

There will changes to session times and places over the Summer.

Between Tuesday 3rd July 2012 and Tuesday 21st August 2012 Tuesday 14th August 2012 inclusive, the Tuesday night sessions will be at Bishopton Scout Hall and will run between 1830 and 2030 (longer than the current sessions).

Friday night sessions will carry on as usual and at the usual time.

Sunday sessions will be cancelled between Sunday 1st July 2012 and Sunday 19th August 2012 inclusive.

After the school holidays – from Tuesday 21st August 2012 onwards – the class in Erskine will be moving to its new home in Park Mains High School. (EDIT: details here.)

We’ll have more detail closer to the time but at the moment it looks as though we will be starting at Park Mains on Tuesday 28th August 2012. As the lets are still being finalised, we’ll let you know the session times closer to the date.



A few thank yous!

Well, that’s the Clyde Rumble over for this year!

As is the case with events like the Clyde Rumble, its success is dependent on the efforts of the many and the few.

All of you deserve our thanks.

What follows might sound like an out-take from a discarded Oscar acceptance speech and does, unavoidably, indulge in cliché but that does not make our thanks anything less than sincere.

So, thank you to:

  • Referees and Officials – without you there is no competition. It was great to see the help and advice that you gave to the Junior Referees and Officials. I know that support is greatly valued by those Juniors.
  • The many Junior Referees and Officials who helped throughout the day. It’s good to see that enthusiasm and ability coming through. The future of the sport is in good hands.
  • The many Clyde Judo parents who helped with organisation, tombola, cat herding and the like. You know who you are!
  • The Clyde Judo coaches for organising, training and coaching the kids on the day.
  • Susie and Tam Brown – I got a brief glimpse yesterday into how pressured it is in that corner of the hall called the control desk. It’s a lot tougher than it looks.
  • All of the clubs, coaches and Judoka who supported the competition by attending. We hope you enjoyed it and it would have not been the same without you.
  • The staff at Erskine Community Sports Centre for providing assistance above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you very much!
  • Anyone else that I should have remembered but didn’t. Apologies!

Clyde Judo results from the Clyde Rumble

Apologies but I don’t yet have the full set of results from the Clyde Rumble yesterday (17/06/2012) but I do have the results for Clyde Judo Judoka.

The pool groupings were fairly informal and without set weight categories.

Gold medals AA band:

  • Rebecca Lamb
  • Hollie Murray
  • Joseph Peden
  • Kyle Watt
  • Heather Wilson

Silver medals AA band:

  • Daniel Peden
  • Owen Sutherland

Bronze AA band:

  • Cara Goutcher
  • Lewis Towle

Gold medals A band:

  • David Scott

Silver medals A band:

  • Greg Crosbie
  • Daniel Melvin

Bronze medals A band:

  • Richard Menzies
  • Nathan Kier

Gold medals B+C band:

  • Rachel Melvin
  • Shauna Watt

Bronze medals B+C band:

  • Adem Bekar

As ever, very well done all of you!


News roundup – Grading & Clyde Rumble

A quick roundup of club news!


The Club shall be holding a grading on Friday 22 June 2012 and Sunday 24 June 2012 at Bishopton Scout Hall and on Tuesday 26 June 2012 at Erskine Sports Centre. Children wishing to be graded should attend one of these sessions with their Judo Scotland License (which must be in date) and the £10 grading fee as charged by Judo Scotland.

Grading is an important part of the development of Judoka, especially for those who do not enter competitions. It gives the children a real sense and signifier of achievement. Please make every effort to ensure that they can make one of the grading sessions.

Clyde Rumble

As parents may be aware the Club is holding a competition which is aimed at less experienced players on Sunday 17 June 2012 at Erskine Sports Centre. The competition is limited to red and yellow belts with players being split into pools of four or five of similar age and grade. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to have a go at competition. If you are unsure please ask Susie. Entry forms are available on the Club or Judo Scotland website.


The club will as usual run a tombola stall at the competition. Any donations will be gratefully received and can be dropped off at Club nights or to Paula Towle.

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