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Month: November 2011

Clyde Challenge 2011 – Club results

Apologies for the delay in posting the full set of the results – still typing those up!

In the interim, we do now have the results for the Clyde Judo Club Judoka:

The Red Belt competition used informal pool groupings so there are no weight categories.

Age band AA Red Belt:

  • Matthew Bohill – Bronze
  • Cara Goutcher – Bronze
  • Rebecca Lamb – Silver
  • Holly Murray – Gold
  • Daniel Peden – Bronze
  • Joseph Peden – Silver
  • Lewis Towle – Bronze
  • Kyle Watt – Gold
  • Heather Wilson – Gold

Age band A Red Belt:

  • Greg Crosby – Gold
  • Mark Jennings – Silver
  • Josh McPolin – Bronze

Age band B&C Red Belt:

  • Adem Bekar – Gold

The club results for the Age band A Yellow and Orange belt competitions were:

Age band A U34kg

  • Connor Wilson – Bronze

Age band A U38kg

  • Christopher Love – Gold

Age band A U40kg

  • Kathryn Meenan – Silver

Age band A U50kg

  • Benedict Ray – Silver
  • Benedict MacLennan-Patton – Bronze

Age band A O50kg

  • Louis Saez – Gold

The club results for the Age band B&C Yellow, Orange and Green belt competition were:

Age band B&C U55kg

  • Marcus Ray – Silver

Age band B&C U57kg

  • Laura Green – Silver

Clyde Challenge 2011 – A few thanks

Well, the Clyde Challenge 2011 is over (I’m resisting the temptation to write, “for this year” in case it gives anyone ideas) and we all had a great time.

A number of people helped enormously in setting up and running the competition and, at the risk of sounding like an Oscar winner’s speech, considerable thanks are in order.

The competition could not have happened without support and help from (in no particular order), Judo Scotland, all of the officials who gave up their day for the benefit of Judo, the Clyde Judo coaches, the Judoka and parents who helped in moving and laying the mats, all of the competitors, their coaches and parents, mat providers, the staff at Linwood Sports Centre, the first aiders, Seedhill Van Hire for sponsoring the Clyde Challenge 2011 and anyone else whose contribution I’ve forgotten (Sorry!)

Thank you to all of you. You’ve made a real difference to all of the children competing (often for the first time) and the future health of Judo in Scotland.

As a community-based club, it was great to see the children and parents working hard to realise the competition. A great experience for all of us.

I’ll be posting the results in a couple of days, along with some pictures from the competition (an industrious ‘B’ unit means that I’ve now got some 1300 photos to sort out.)


2011 Granite City Open – Senior competition photos

Here are some of the Clyde Judo podium shots from the 2011 Granite City Open Senior competition (held in Aberdeen on 12th November 2011.)

(Thanks to Jan and Douglas for these photos.)

Reminder: Clyde Challenge 2011 – Sunday 27th November 2011 – No training at Bishopton that day

As all of the coaches (and the mats!) will be at Linwood for the Clyde Challenge 2011 on Sunday 27th November 2011, there will be no training at Bishopton that day.

Normal training times resume from Tuesday 29th November 2011 (Erskine) onwards. The first training session at Bishopton after the Clyde Challenge 2011 will be on Friday 2nd December 2011.

Diary update

Just a quick reminder of a couple of dates for your diary:


  • The Clyde Challenge 2011 is next Sunday, 27th November 2011.
  • Everyone should by now have received an e-mail with the details for the Clyde Judo Club Christmas Party. It will be held on the evening of Saturday 3rd December 2011. If you haven’t received an e-mail then please speak to Jan or Susie at the next training session and get the details from them.
  • The children have also started preparing for the next grading. That should happen during the second week of December (date TBD).

Granite City Open Podium shots

Here are some of the podium shots from the 2011 Granite City Open held in Aberdeen on 12th November 2011.

Granite City Open 2011 – Results

A good day up in Aberdeen for the Granite City Open yesterday (12/11/2011).

All of the children worked very hard and we saw some outstanding performances in very difficult groups.

Junior competition

  • Christopher Love – U38kg Band A – Gold
  • Kathryn Meenan – U40kg Band A – Bronze
  • Benedict MacLennan-Patton (2) – O46kg Band A – Bronze
  • Benedict Ray (1) – O46kg Band A – Bronze
  • Rachel Towle – U32kg Band B – Silver
  • Marcus Ray – U55kg Band B – Gold
  • Keiran Meenan – U66kg Band C – Bronze

Senior competition

  • Christopher Wright – U66kg – Silver
  • Stephen Wright – U100kg – Bronze

Photos to follow, once Iain brings back the memory stick!

Habari Kan Junior Open podium photographs

Here are some of the podium shots from the 2011 Habari Kan Junior Open held at Larkhall Sports Centre on 29th October 2011.

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