Apologies once again for the late posting of news about Kendal competitions. These are from the competition on 26th June 2011.

As ever, it is a joy to see how hard the children work, whether it be for a grading or in a competition. No disappointments here.

The competition used less formal pool groupings than usual so no age/weight bands.

  • Rebecca Lamb – Bronze
  • Lewis Towle – Silver
  • Adem Becker – Silver
  • Benedict MacLennan-Patton (Benedict Two) – Bronze
  • Christopher Love – Bronze
  • Connor Wilson – Bronze
  • Benedict Ray (Benedict Two) – Silver
  • Louis Saez – Bronze
  • Laura Green – Silver
  • Marcus Ray – Bronze

Our thanks to the Kendal Dojo for putting on a fine competition.

Some podium shots below.