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Month: June 2011

Grading results

We are pleased to record the results of the recent gradings. The children all worked very hard and earned their gradings. It takes a lot of effort and practice to complete the gradings. So, well done all of you!


Judoka Grade
Katie Darroch 2nd Kai
Conor Adam 2nd Mon
Eilidh McEwan 2nd Mon
Josh McPolin 2nd Mon
Jessica Millar 2nd Mon
Eve Sutherland 2nd Mon
Lewis Towle 2nd Mon
Orlagh Turner 2nd Mon
Rachael Peden 4th Mon
Josh Ferguson 5th Mon
Louis Saez 5th Mon
Benedict MacLennan-Patton (Benedict Two) 6th Mon
Laura Green 7th Mon
Kathryn Meenan 7th Mon
Benedict Ray (Benedict One) 7th Mon
Rachel Towle 7th Mon
Connor Wilson 7th Mon
Christopher Love 9th Mon
Erin Peden 9th Mon
Marcus Ray 10th Mon

If you are wondering how to put the red tabs on the belts – try electrical tape!

Reminder – No Judo at Bishopton on Friday 17th June 2011 or Sunday 19th June 2011

Just a reminder that there will be no Judo session at Bishopton on Friday 17th June 2011 or  Sunday 19th June 2011 as the Scout Hall is being used to support the Bishopton Day celebrations.

A full list of the session dates and times over the Summer can be found here.

More Inverness photographs

Just to note that we have some more photographs from the Inverness trip (thanks Douglas!).

Quite a few more podium shots here and shots from the camping trip here

Highland Budokan Open 2011 – The camping trip

We like to make the trip to Inverness a big family occasion. Some club members travel even though they are not competing. Why? For the social event of the year – The Clyde Judo Club camping and barbecue experience.

This year we managed to avoid having to activate Plan B (Chinese takeaway) as it stayed dry for the whole day but it was a bit chilly. Nevertheless, we had great fun after the competition was over.

The children and some foolhardy volunteer adults went swimming in the splendid pool attached to the Sports Centre whilst the remaining adults retired to prepare the barbecue. It has to be said that a great time was had whilst the kids were in the pool but precious little barbecue preparation happened during that period.

Once the food had been eaten (warning: Judo+Swimming=Very hungry kids), the kids went off to play football and besiege a passing ice cream van. The rest of us enjoyed the good company, food and drink.

On the Sunday, the Highland Budokan very kindly sent along their minibus to take the kids to the open training session whilst the adults (at least, those possessing their car keys!) packed away the camping gear. The training session was very tough (in a good way!) and really stretched the kids. Our thanks to the Highland Budokan.

Highland Budokan Open 2011 – Podium shots

Here are some of the podium shots from the Highland Budokan Open 4th June 2011. There are more podium shots to follow!

Highland Budokan Open – Results

Congratulations to Christopher Wright who took Gold in the Senior U60kg & U66kg categories in Highland Budokan Open on 4th June 2011.

We have a photograph of one of his winning throws:

A photograph of Christopher Wright sweeping his opponent's foot from under him.

Christopher Wright in action

Chris wasn’t the only person firing on all cylinders that day. The full results for the club were:

  • Christopher Wright Senior U66kg – Gold
  • Christopher Wright Senior U60kg – Gold
  • Rachel Towle U12 U28kg – Gold
  • Ezri Bradley (also of Wemyss Bay JC) U12 U28kg – Silver
  • Erin Peden U12 U36kg – Silver
  • Kathryn Meenan U12 U36kg – Bronze
  • Christopher Love U12 U38kg – Silver
  • Benedict Ray (Benedict One) U12 U50kg – Silver

A great time was had during and after the competition. The kids went swimming in the afternoon after the competition, an excellent barbecue was consumed late into the evening and we were very pleased to attend the Highland Budokan’s open training session on the Sunday.

Pictures and a full report to follow…


Reminder – No Judo at Bishopton on Friday 3rd June 2011 or Sunday 5th June 2011

Just a reminder that there will be no Judo session at Bishopton on Friday 3rd June 2011 and Sunday 5th June 2011 owing to the numbers away at the Highland Budokan Open and the club’s Inverness camping trip.

A full list of the session dates and times over the Summer can be found here.

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