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Grading dates finalised

Susie has finalised the dates for the gradings at the club.

The gradings will be carried out during the usual training sessions on Friday 22nd April 2011, Sunday 24th April 2011 and Tuesday 26th April 2011.

UPDATE: The previously advised grading dates are no longer valid. As soon as we are able, we will announce the new dates. Further information here.

Forms will be going out for folk to complete in advance if they want their child graded.

Judo Scotland has a description of the syllabus for each of the grades:



Marie Curie Open Grand Prix 10 April 2011 – Clyde Judo Raffle

The Marie Curie Open Grand Prix is being organised on a voluntary basis, with all money raised being matched by Bupa and donated to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Clyde Judo is keen to support this worthy initiative and we (really, Jan) have taken it upon ourselves to organise the running of a raffle at the competition, with the proceeds going to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Jan has started organising the collection of prizes for the raffle and she sent out the following message:


Dear All

I’ve finally managed to get hold of Susan MacDonald about this.  She has
asked whether we can run the raffle for her on the day.  Susie has agreed to
commit our club to take this on.

Having spoken to Susie, she thought the best way would be for everyone,
individually, to come up with as much as they could in the way of smallish
raffle prizes (e.g. bottles, etc), then the club to contribute a larger
prize out of club funds.

I’m appealing to everyone to do what they can in the way of prizes for the
raffle – remember no judo club gets money out of this event – all proceeds
go to Marie Curie Cancer Care.  I’d be happy to collect in items, preferably
in advance, but even on the day of the event.

Also, on the day, we may rope in some children to press-gang spectators into
buying raffle tickets.

Thank you in anticipation – I know this brilliant club will do its best!


So, if you have anything available for the raffle please let Jan know. You can hand over the loot at any of the training sessions or bring it along on the day. If you will be attending the Marie Curie Open, please let Jan know if you could spare some time to staff the stall.

A final reminder for those of you who have been putting off getting around to entering the Marie Curie Open – entry closes on Friday 1st April 2011. Get cracking!

British Schools Championships – Sheffield 26 March 2011

Congratulations to Erin Peden who took Silver in the British Schools Championships in Sheffield on the 26th March 2011.

Erin, representing Bishopton Primary School, took Silver in the Years 6&7 U32kg category. A great result in a large and difficult pool at a major competition.

A picture of Erin Peden holding up her Silver medal from the British Schools Championships

Erin Peden Silver Y6&7 U32kg British Schools Championships

Falkirk Open 2011 results

The club visited Grangemouth on Sunday 20 March 2011 for the Falkirk and District Open competition.

As ever, the children worked hard and got a good set of results.

  • Erin Peden – C U32kg Gold
  • Rachael Peden – A U36 Silver
  • Christopher Love – C U38kg Bronze
  • Eleanor MacLennan-Patton – C O57kg Bronze

Our good friend Ezri Bradley of Wemyss Bay Judo Club also picked up a Silver in the C U28kg category.


Clyde Judo’s new Junior Referee

Congratulations to Eleanor MacLennan-Patton who completed the training course run by Judo Scotland on 19th March 2011 as part of its Young Volunteers Initiative for budding officials and referees. Eleanor is now registered as a Junior Referee and Official with Judo Scotland.

The course involved,

Twelve members of Clyde, SJC Alba, Titan and Sportif Judo Clubs took part in the day at the Milton Campus, Glasgow where they practised operating the scoreboards, scoring and timing a contest and basic refereeing skills.

Eleanor was in action refereeing the very next day at the Falkirk Open:

Eleanor MacLennan-Patton refereeing

Eleanor MacLennan-Patton refereeing - Falkirk Open 2011


Ultimate Judo Open 2011 Podium Shot

A photo of Michael Love receiving the C band U55kg Bronze medal at the Ultimate Judo Open 2011. The photograph was provided by Rayner Photo and is used with their generous permission. More photographs of the event from Rayner  Photo can be found here.


Michael Love being presented with the C band U55kg Bronze medal at the Ultimate Judo Open 2011

Michael Love - C band U55kg Bronze at the Ultimate Judo Open


Upcoming competitions

A busy period ahead for the children and the coaches (parents don’t count).

Various competition entry forms are now available from the JudoScotland website:

As usual, it is recommended that you do not wait until the closing date before sending in an entry and check with Susie to make sure the competition is suitable for your child.

Kendal Podium Shots

Planned club trip to Inverness

Clyde Judo club is planning a trip to Inverness for the Highland Budokan Open competition on the 4th June 2011.This is an extremely popular competition, attracting entries from all over Europe.

Last year, the club had a fantastic weekend camping and we hope to do this again this year. Activities included swimming, BBQ and a training session with the Highland Budokan club. There was lots of space for the kids to run around and a great time was had by all.

An invitation is extended to everyone, whether or not your kids intend to compete. We plan to travel up on the evening of Friday 3rd June and come home on Sunday 5th June.

Please let Iain or Jan know by the end of April if you would like to go.


Grading preparation

The club will soon be holding a grading.

As the children pass through the different grades they are awarded different coloured belts to denote their achievement. Gradings are normally held every 4-6 months. There is a grading fee charged by Judo Scotland for each grading. Once a child has passed a grading, they are given a certificate by Judo Scotland, their license is updated with the new grade and they become entitled to wear the belt associated with the new grade.

The children will be required to demonstrate knowledge of various Judo moves appropriate to grade being tested through practical demonstration and oral examination..

Judo Scotland will charge £10 for the grading. The club does not add to that charge.

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