2020 Scottish Open – results

The 2020 Scottish Open was held on 18/01/2019 at the Sport Scotland National Training Centre in Largs.

The club results were:

  • Rebecca Lamb – Junior U48kg – Bronze
  • Katelyn Cox – Junior U63kg – Silver
  • Rebecca Bradley – Junior U63kg – Bronze
  • Katelyn Cox – Senior U63kg – Bronze
  • Connor Wilson – Junior U66kg – 7th
  • Benedict MacLennan-Patton – Junior U81kg – 5th

Good results in a major competition – Well done!

2020 Clyde Rumble details

The 2020 Clyde Rumble competition will be held at Parkmains High School on Sunday 9th February.

You can enter the competition here.

Directions to Park Mains High School:


The competition details are:


Parkmains High School, Barrhill Road, Erskine, PA8 6EY


Sunday 9th February 2020

Closing Date:

Sunday 26th January, 2020

Eligibility: Juniors

Age Band ’AA’ – Year Born – 2010, 2011, 2012 Players must be 8 old years on the day of competition

Age Band ‘A’ – Year Born – 2008 – 2009

Age Band ‘B’ – Year Born – 2006 – 2007

Age Band ‘C’ – Year Born – 2004 – 2005


Open to all senior players 3rd kyu and below including novice (white belt) grades as long as they have a valid full license on the day.

Please Note

This is a development competition aimed at low grade and/or inexperienced competitors. If you are uncertain about whether the event is suitable please discuss with your Coach or contact Clyde Judo Club for guidance.




All competitors will be weighed in on the day and split into pools of 4 or 5 if possible. Please put in actual weights below to help us make this easier on the day.


Junior grades

All junior players will be grouped with similar ability


Will be presented after each category.

Entry Fee:

Entries £20.00. Entry fees are not refundable.

How to enter &


Online entry through: https://www.onlineentries.co.uk/events/clyde/20200209.php


British Judo Association Contest Rules will apply all other rules according to the British Judo Association Tournament Handbook.


Weigh-in times will be available from the Clyde Judo website and Facebook page after the closing date.




Trainee officials will be used for this event under supervision. Please be conscious of this and make every effort to encourage their participation.

Any player not eligible to compete is welcome to try refereeing/timekeeping on the day, please let us know in advance if you are bringing any such players.

Mat side Coaching

Will be permitted through out, and we welcome positive encouragement of all players.


Video recording of some fights may take place at this event; photographs may also be taken for promotional purposes including publication on websites and social media. By signing the entry form you indicate your acceptance of these conditions and parents (in the absence of any expressed objection) provide their consent to the taking and use of photos/videos.

The Decision of the Tournament Organiser is final.

The event is run in line with JudoScotland/BJA Child Protection Policy

All information supplied will only be used for event organisation purposes and names/clubs will be published in advance of the event.


2019 British Junior Championships – results

The 2019 Bristish Junior Championships were held at EIS Sheffield on 7th December 2019.

There is only one result to report:

  • Katelyn Cox – Junior U63kg – Bronze

A fantastic result for Katelyn who is still only a Cadet.



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2019 British National Cadet & Pre-Cadet Championships – Results

The 2019 British National Cadet & Pre-Cadet Championships were held at EIS in Sheffield on 30 November and 1 December 2019.

The club’s results were:

  • Jessie Edwards – Pre-Cadet U44kg – Bronze
  • Aaron Clark – Pre-Cadet U55kg – Bronze
  • Joseph Peden – Cadet U60kg – 7th
  • Katelyn Cox – Cadet U63kg – Bronze 

Great results in a large and very tough competition.

Well done!

Recent results round-up

There have been several competitions in the last month and I’ve been a bit slow recording the results – Sorry.

2019 Scottish National Closed

The 2019 Scottish National Closed Championships were held at Ravenscraig  Regional Sports Facilities over 9th-10th November 2019.

The club results were:

  • Glen Ferrier – AA-band U25kg – Gold
  • Jessie Edwards – B-band U44kg – Gold
  • Aaron Clark – B-band U55kg – Gold
  • Katelyn Cox – C-band U63kg – Silver
  • Joseph Peden – C-band U60kg – Bronze
  • Rebecca Bradley – C-band U63kg – Bronze
  • Matthew Seeney – C-band U66kg – Bronze
  • Fraser Clark – C-band U66kg – Bronze
  • David Sommerville – C-band U73kg – Gold
  • Rebecca Lamb – Junior U48kg – Silver
  • Connor Wilson – Junior U66kg – Silver
  • Benedict MacLennan-Patton -Junior U81kg – Gold

2019 Cherry Blossom Kyoso

The Cherry Blossom Kyoso 2019 competition was held at Craigswood Sports Centre, Livingston on 26/10/2019.

The competition was organised into pools of similar weight and ability rather than the usual weight categories.

The club’s results were:

  • Lucy Ross – AA-band – Bronze
  • Alex McWatt – A-band – Gold

International Sparkassen Alder Cup

The International Sparkassen Alder Cup was held from 26th-27th October 2019 in Frankfurt am Main. This a very large competition with over 2700 registered entries and Fraser Clark was there winning Gold:

  • Fraser Clark – U15 U66kg – Gold

An amazing result Fraser!

2019 Welsh Open

The 2019 Welsh Open was held at the Sport Wales National Centre in Cardiff on 20/10/2019

  • Katelyn Cox – Junior U63kg – Bronze
  • Katelyn Cox – Senior U63kg – 5th
  • Connor Wilson – Junior U66kg – 5th

Excellent results all round – Well done guys!

Susie wins the Roy Inman Award at the British Judo Awards

The BJA headline says it all, 

John Bramall and Susan Wright take home the big awards at the British Judo Awards

 This is an outstanding achievement and recognises Susie’s contribution to Judo.

Full details from the BJA: https://www.britishjudo.org.uk/john-bramall-and-susan-wright-take-home-the-big-awards-at-the-british-judo-awards/

2019 Commonwealth Judo Championships – Day 5 Cadet results

The Commonwealth Judo Championships are being held in Walsall over 25-29 September 2019.

Day 5 was the Cadet competition.

There were two medals for the club in the Cadet competition:

    • Katelyn Cox – Cadet U63kg – Silver
    • David Sommerville – Cadet U73kg – Silver

Other Scottish results were:

  • Keira Pybus – Cadet U48kg -5th
  • Anna Purves – Cadet U70kg – Silver
  • Daisy Gilroy – Cadet U70kg – 5th
  • Andrew Lappin – Cadet U55kg – 5th
  • Daniel Given – Cadet U55kg -5th
  • Billy Rodman – Cadet U66kg – 5th
  • Ben Fox Kennedy – Cadet U73kg – 5th
  • Gregor Miller – Cadet U90kg – Bronze
  • Callum Wyper – Cadet U90kg – 5th

Great results from Katelyn, David  and the Scottish Team  – Well done!


2019 Commonwealth Judo Championships – Day 4 Pre-Cadet Results

The Commonwealth Judo Championships are being held in Walsall over 25-29 September 2019.

Day 4 was the Pre-Cadet competition.

There were several results for the club in the Pre-Cadet competition:

  • Jessie Edwards – Pre-Cadet U44kg – Bronze
  • Chris Howe – Pre-Cadet U60kg – Silver
  • Fraser Clark – Pre-Cadet U66kg – Bronze

Other Scottish results were:

  • Kirsty Lawson – Pre-Cadet U40kg – Bronze
  • Luke Thomson – Pre-Cadet U42kg – Bronze
  • Lesley Corbett – Pre-Cadet U44kg – 5th
  • Finlay Strang – Pre-Cadet U46kg – Gold
  • Sophie Mapplebeck – Pre-Cadet U48kg – 5th
  • Sophie McMillan – Pre-Cadet U48kg – 5th
  • Ross McWatt – Pre-Cadet U50kg – Bronze
  • Sophie Wood -Pre-Cadet U57kg – Silver
  • Sunny Doig – Pre-Cadet U57kg – Bronze
  • Esther McGregor – Pre-Cadet U57kg – 5th
  • Eden Hefferman – Pre-Cadet U66kg – Silver
  • Miai McCran – Pre-Cadet U70kg – Bronze
  • Saul McRitchie – Pre-Cadet U73kg – Silver
  • Alexander Hutchinson – Pre-Cadet O73kg – 5th

If you cannot be in Walsall, you can follow the action from the BJA web site.

Great results from Chris, Fraser, Jessie and the Scottish Team  – Well done!


Results round-up – Hibari Kan and Highland Budokan Grand Prix

I’ve been a bit remiss in recording some recent excellent results for the club; so, whilst we wait for the Commonwealth Judo Championship Day 4 action to complete, I though I’d catch-up.

The Hibari Kan Junior Open 2019 was held at Larkhall Leisure Centre on 14/09/2019.

The club results were:

  • Glen Ferrier – AA-band U27kg – Gold
  • Alex McWatt – A-band U34kg – Bronze
  • Jennifer Hill – A-band U63kg – Gold
  • Andrew McWatt – B-band – U38kg – Gold

Excellent results for a small number entered. Well done!

The 2019 Highland Budokan Grand Prix was held at Inverness Leisure Centre on 21/09/2019.

The club results were:

  • Glen Ferrier – AA-band U27kg – Gold
  • Aaron Clark B-band U55kg – Bronze
  • Chris Howe B-band U60kg – Gold
  • Fraser Clark B-band O66kg – Gold
  • Rebecca Lamb C-band U48kg –Bronze
  • Joseph Peden C-band U60kg – Bronze
  • Rebecca Bradley C-band U63kg – Bronze
  • Matthew Sweeney C-band U66kg – Bronze
  • Rebecca Lamb  – Senior U48kg –Silver
  • Joseph Peden – Senior U60kg –Gold
  • Matthew Sweeney – Senior U66kg –Gold

Another excellent set of results – Well done!