Changes to session times over the Summer holiday period

There will be some changes to session times over the Summer holiday period.

There will be no more Tuesday evening training sessions until Tuesday 6th August 2019.

Training at Bishopton will move to Thursday evenings 1900-2100hrs from now until Thursday 25th July 2019 (inclusive).

There will be no training sessions during the following week whilst the trip to Belgium is in progress and the training will resume at Parkmains on Tuesday 6th August 2019.

Training at Bishopton will resume on Fridays on 9th August 2019 1800-2000hrs.

  • Parkmains Tuesday 9th July 2019 – No training
  • Bishopton Thursday 11th July 2019 – Training 1900-2100hrs
  • Bishopton Friday 12th July 2019 – No training
  • Parkmains Tuesday 16 July 2019 – No training
  • Bishopton 18th July 2019 – Training 1900-2100hrs
  • Bishopton 19th July 2019 – No training
  • Parkmains 23rd July 2019 – No training
  • Bishopton 25th July 2019 – Training 1900-2100hrs – Last session on a Thursday
  • Bishopton 26th July 2019 – No training
  • Bishopton 1st August 2019 – No training
  • Bishopton 2nd August 2019 – No training
  • Parkmains 6th August 2019 – Normal training resumes – 1900-2100hrs
  • Bishopton 9th August 2019 – Normal training resumes – 1800-2000hrs


2019 Granite City Grand Prix – results

The 2019 Granite City Grand Prix was held at Aberdeen Sports Village on 22/06/2019.

The club’s results were:

  • Rachael Lamb B-band U52kg – Bronze
  • Christopher Howe -B-band U55kg – Gold
  • Fraser Clark – B-band U66kg – Gold
  • Rebecca Lamb – C-band U48kg – Gold
  • Daniel Peden – C-band U55kg – Bronze
  • Andrew Ross – C-band U60kg – 5th
  • Rebecca Bradley C-band U63kg – Silver
  • Benedict MacLennan-Patton – Senior U81kg – Gold

Excellent results – Well done everyone!

The competition also saw Benedict MacLennan-Patton pass his refereeing mat assessment and he has now qualified as a Club Level referee.  Well done Benedict!

Katelyn and Fraser selected for the 2019 British National Team Championships

Congratulations to Katelyn Cox and Fraser Clark who have been selected for the Scotland team attending the 2019 British National Team Championships.

Fraser has been selected in the Pre-Cadet team as the O60kg entry.

Katelyn has been selected in the Cadet team as the U63kg entry.

Good luck on the day!

The championships are being held locally at Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility on Saturday 06/07/2019 and will be well worth a visit – Team events are tremendously exciting and there’s no harm in having a loud local crowd to cheer the Scotland team on!

Training at Bishopton 21/06/2019 – Cancelled

Due to a unforeseen circumstances, the Friday evening session at Bishopton Community Centre on 21/06/2019 is cancelled.

Sessions will resume on Monday 24/06/2019 at Palace of Art and Tuesday 25/06/2019 at Park Mains. The next session at Bishopton will be on Friday 28/06/2019.

Recent results round-up

Results from the previous couple of weeks.

The club had an outing to the 2019 Venray International Judo Tournament held over 1-2 June 2019 and brought back some fantastic results from a very tough tournament:

  • Glen Ferrier – Male U10 U27kg – Silver
  • Fraser Clark – Male U15 U66kg – Gold
  • David Sommerville – Mal e U18 U73kg – Bronze

A number of our judoka travelled with Judo Scotland to the 5ième Challenge de la ville de Differdange and brought home some excellent results from a large international field:

  • Andrew McWatt – U15 U38kg – Bronze
  • Jessie Edwards U15 U44kg – Gold
  • Rebecca Lamb – U18 U48kg – 5th
  • Rachael Lamb U15 U52kg – Silver
  • Fraser Clark – U15 U66kg – Silver
  • Rebecca Bradley – U18 U63kg – 5th
  • Matthew Sweeney U18 U66kg – Bronze

The competition organisers have put up some video from the competition:

As ever – very well done all of you!

2019 Scottish Mini Mon Championships – results

The Scottish  Mini Mon Championships were at Wishaw Sports Centre on Saturday 25/05/2019.

Owing to the public holiday, we only had two entries in the competition.

However we did have our roving reporter present in the person of Paul McWatt and he provided the following match reports:

Glen Ferrier – AA – U25kg – Silver

Glen quickly cruised through his first three fights, winning them all with Ippon scoring throws within 15secs. (Haria-Goshi in the first two and O-Soto-Gari in the third)

His fourth fight was his toughest, both players picking up a wazari each. It looked like it was going to be even at the end when Glen managed to get close enough for a thundering O-Soto-Gari with a second to spare!

Glen had another quick contest in his fifth fight catching his opponent with a lovely Ko-Uchi-Gake for Ippon in 7secs.

In the final Glen was unfortunate pick up a minor injury and had to submit but it was a well-earned silver medal.

Alex McWatt – A – U34kg

Alex’s first opponent caught him with a couple of sweeps but didn’t score. The contest went into golden score and Alex managed to hold down his larger opponent for the win.

He lost his second fight, getting thrown for wazari and held down.

Alex won his third fight Wazari-Awasete-Ippon., benefiting  in contest the techniques that he has been working on in training.

The fourth contest looked like it was Alex’s when he threw his opponent with a massive Uchi-Mata but his opponent managed to escape and land on his knees. Alex was then unfortunate to get caught for 2 wazari scores.

Alex finished joint second in his pool but missed out on the cross-over due to the head-to-head results.

Great effort from both boys.

Well done both of you and thank you to Paul for the match reports.

2019 Jamie MacDonald Memorial Championship – results

The 2019 Jamie MacDonald Memorial Championship were held at the Sport Wales National Centre in Cardiff on Saturday 11/05/2019.

The club results were:

  • Glen Ferrier – U12 U27kg – Bronze
  • Jaqui O’Donnell – Senior U63kg – Gold
  • Jaqui O’Donnell – Masters U63kg – Gold

Well done both of you.

David Sommerville selected for the GB team at the 2019 European Cadet Judo Championships

Congratulations to David Sommerville who has been selected for the GB team attending the 2019 European Cadet Judo Championships in Warsaw, Poland over 27-30 June 2019.

David is one of only 3 Scottish judoka selected for the GB team and only the second Clyde judoka ever to have been selected to compete at this level.

This is fantastic news for David and reflects his outstanding performances this year.

I’m sure you will all join me in wishing David well!

2019 Clyde Challenge – Clyde Judo Club results

The 2019 Clyde Challenge Grand Prix was held at the Lagoon Centre in Paisley on 28/04/2019.

Before I list the results for the club’s judoka, we would like to thank as many  of the people who helped make the competition possible as we can – The club’s coaches, Judo Scotland, all of the volunteer referees and officials, Hibari Kan & Southside for lending us mats, all of the parents and children who volunteered at the competition, the staff at the Lagoon Centre and all of the parents,  players and coaches who came along today to make a great competition.

We could not have done it without you – Thank you everyone for your help.

The club’s results were:

  • Jessie Edwards – Pre-Cadet U44kg – Silver
  • Aaron Clark – Pre-Cadet U50kg – 5th
  • Chloe Speirs – Pre-Cadet U52kg – Bronze
  • Christopher Howe – Pre-Cadet U55kg – Gold
  • Fraser Clark – Pre-Cadet U66kg – Gold
  • Daniel Peden – Cadet U55kg – Gold
  • Joseph Peden – Cadet U55kg – 7th
  • Rebecca Bradley – Cadet U57kg – Gold
  • Matthew Sweeney – Cadet U66kg – 5th
  • Benedict MacLennan-Patton – Senior(2) U81kg – Bronze

Well done!