2019 Bonsai Kyoso competition – results

The 2019 Bonsai Kyoso competition was held at Craigswood Leisure Centre in Livingston on Sunday 07/04/2019.

The club had a small team there and they brought back some excellent results.

The competition was organised into pools of similar weight and ability rather than the usual weight categories.

The club’s results were:

  • Lucy Ross – AA Band –  Silver
  • Nicole Wilson – A Band – Silver
  • Jennifer Hill – A Band – Gold

Well done all of you!

Apologies for the late reporting of these results.

2019 Northern Ireland Open – Day 2 results

Day 2 results for the NI Open in the Foyle Arena, Derry on 07/04/2019:

  • Joseph Peden – Cadet U50kg – Silver
  • Katelyn Cox – Cadet U63kg – Bronze
  • Matthew Sweeney – Cadet U66kg – 9th
  • David Sommerville – Cadet U73kg – Silver
  • Jessie Edwards – Pre-Cadet U44kg – Silver
  • Aaron Clark – Pre-Cadet U50kg- 5th
  • Christopher Howe – Pre-Cadet U55kg – Bronze
  • Fraser Clark – Pre-Cadet U66kg – Gold

Great performances all round; excellent results and some truly monster throws from Messrs. F. Clark, C. Howe and D. Sommerville.

Well done to all of you.

2019 Northern Ireland Open – Day 1 results

The 2019 Northern Ireland Open is being held in the Foyle Arena, Derry over 05-06 April 2019.

The Day 1 results were:

  • Jamie Black – Senior U81kg – Silver
  • Benedict MacLennan- Patton – Senior U81kg – 7th
  • Benedict MacLennan-Patton – Junior U81kg – 5th

Great results guys (a fantastic performance from Jamie)!

More tomorrow…


2019 Irish Open – results

The 2019 Irish Open was held at the National Indoor Arena in Dublin on 30/03/2019 and the club’s team came back with an outstanding set of results.

  • Glen Ferrier – Minor U27kg – Silver
  • Aaron Clark – Pre-Cadet U50kg – Gold
  • Fraser Clark – Pre-Cadet U66kg – Gold
  • Joseph Peden – Cadet U55kg – Gold
  • Rebecca Bradley – Cadet U57kg – Gold
  • Matthew Sweeney – Cadet U66kg – Bronze
  • Andrew Ross – Cadet U55kg – 5th
  • David Sommerville – Cadet U73kg – Gold
  • Jamie Black – Senior U81kg – Bronze
  • Paul Grady – Masters M1 U90kg – Silver

A fantastic set of results from a major competition – really, really well done guys!

2019 British Schools Judo Championship – Day 1 results

The 2019 British Schools Judo Championship was held at EIS in Sheffield on 16/03/2019.

The day one results were:

Although they didn’t manage a placing, we also saw good performances from Aaron Clark, Rachael Lamb, and Andrew Ross.

Well done all of you – A credit to your schools.

More results tomorrow.

Weekend results round-up

Two results from this weekend.

In the English Open for Juniors and Seniors held in Breckland Leisure Centre, Thetford, Norfolk on Saturday 09 March 2019:

  • Connor Wilson – Junior U66kg – Bronze

An excellent result in a major tournament.

And in the Northern Area Junior and Senior Development Event held in Newbiggin Sports Centre, Newbiggin on Sunday 10 March 2019:

  • Glen Ferrier – AA-band U25kg pool – Gold

Another good result for Glen.

Well done both of you!

2019 Judo Scotland Cadet Open – results

The 2019 Judo Scotland Cadet Open was held at the Lagoon Leisure Centre in Paisley on 02/03/2019.

The club results were:

  • Joseph Peden – Cadet U50kg – 5th
  • Daniel Peden – Cadet U50kg – 7th
  • Katelyn Cox – Cadet U63kg – Bronze
  • David Sommerville – Cadet U73kg – 5th

Well done!

Weekend results round-up

A busy weekend of Judo!

At the English Pre-Cadet and Cadet Open at the Walsall Sports Centre on 23 February 2019, the club results were:

  • Joseph Peden – Cadet U50kg – Bronze
  • Katelyn Cox – Cadet U63kg – Bronze
  • David Sommerville – Cadet U73kg – Gold
  • Fraser Clark – Pre-Cadet U66kg – Bronze

Some of the pools in the competition were enormous and even though some folk didn’t win a place, they did very well and won a couple of matches.

Further afield, Benedict MacLennan-Patton, representing St. Aloysius’s College won Bronze in the Senior U81kg category at the Head Masters Conference Independent Schools Boys Judo Championship held at High Wycombe Judo Centre on 23 February 2019.

Fantastic results all round and a huge win for David Sommerville – Congratulations!

Weekend results round-up

Weekend results round-up

Some great results at the weekend.

A number of Clyde members were selected by Judo Scotland to travel to the 2019 Matsumae Cup and Camp held in Vejle, Denmark over 16-19 February 2019 and brought home some great results in a major European U18/U21 tournament :

  • Joseph Peden – U18 U50kg – Silver
  • Katelyn Cox – U18 U63kg – Silver
  • David Sommerville – U18 U73kg – 7th

Judo Scotland was very pleased with the whole squad.

Slightly nearer to home, the British University and Colleges Sport National Championships were held in Sheffield over 16-17 Februry 2019.

We had just the one result, Erin Peden representing Glasgow University Judo Club took the Silver in the Women (1 Kyu & above) U63kg category.

A good result in a very large and tough category and a good day for Glasgow University – with the women’s team narrowly missing out on a medal.